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Explore Spots in your location nearby Ver. 2 Tour Part 1

This is a new series of post about Muecs version 2, we are going to tour around web and mobile app, showing you some new features of Muecs.

So in part 1, we are going to give you a quick overview of Muecs Version 2.

Muecs give you a great way to explore places near-by.

We used location as a gaming element in our new service. Putting location into the game is a great way to keep tracking of
your friends location activities.  There are two gaming features based on location, Snaps and Quests.

Snaps are actually allow you to upload photo you take in spot.  With one photo, and keywords to describe action of the moment happen in that place.  Although it is a photo contest in spot, it also allow you to share with your friends and publish to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

Think about this way, you share your moment in a place visually. Your friends can follow your activities or even took at it in
Facebook or Twitter.  Photo let you easily to share the moment to your friends, without typing hundred of charaters or sometimes
even long message.  That’s why we do not include a location “Check-In” button like other Location Base Service did in their
mobile application. 

It will be autoamically join in the photo contest of that place.  The “I HAVE” message which create by yourself
when you upload  the snpashot.

Other users will praise your snapshot by pressing the “I Have”.

View Snapshot via Muecs website.

Snapshot view via Muecs iPhone App

The most praised snap are going to be the Hottest Snap in place. Our sponsers will send you a gift as a reward for you.

All of the snap features are included in iPhone App and also out website. You can sign up your account for free in

On the next post, we will mention about te quest game.  Quests are required you to participate mostly in our mobile app.
Everyone are free feel to create your own quest, and challenge your friends.

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